I’m a believer!!  Went into to it with stiffness and pain.  Just by tapping pain was gone and left feeling GREAT!!  Check her out!!

Mike H

Had an amazing session with Ruth.  Went in with neck and back pain and horrible headache.  I walked out feeling fantastic.  I will be going back!!!

Deb Otto

UNBELIEVEABLE!!!  I had right neck and shoulder pain for over 4 months.  

I could not turn my head and was wearing a neck brace.  I had seen the chiropractor 12 times and had 6 cortisone shots.  I was on muscles relaxants and vicodin daily.  I even talked to a surgeon about surgery.  I ‘m not sure what happened but as she was working with me it brought up a memory of a trauma that happened when I was 5 years old.  Then the pain went from my neck and shoulder down into my back then all of a sudden it was gone.  I was amazed.  I could raise my right arm and turn my head for the first time in 4 months.  Thank you Ruth you have saved my life. 

 Rod Baderstcher

I have been suffering from sinus pain daily for nearly one year and I have tried over the counter medications, and antibiotics prescriptions, and numerous remedies recommended by my primary physician.  After visiting my ENT physician and learning that my sinus pain was really the result of my migraine headaches.  I contacted Ruth to discuss methods for relief.  We spent a session using EFT techniques.  We used  EFT and allowed the calming  and  healing to do it's work.  Now when I feel pain start, I stop it before it becomes a full fledged migraine.  This  technique is also a wonderful stress reliever for daily use. 

Thank you so much Ruth!!!

Julia S:

It took only 20 minutes of EFT with Ruth to reverse a recurring panic response that I get when my husband becomes ill.  She helped me discover that my current emotional responses to challenging situations stem from the negative messaging I gave myself long ago.  Now I know how to replace a panic response with positive messaging through EFT. 

Julia S

One morning I noticed a burning pain in my right shoulder. It progressively got worse throughout the day. By the end of the day I could not even raise my arm. I had no idea what I did to cause it. A few days later Ruth did some tapping with me to try to help. We tapped on an emotional issue I was having with my ex and in about 15 minutes I was completely relaxed and the pain in my shoulder was gone. I could not believe it.  It really does work. Thank you Ruth

Melissa Emmons

I had shoulder surgery over 2 years prior seeing Ruth. Even though I went through 6 weeks of therapy I was unable to raise my arm to my head to do my own hair. Within 15 minutes of tapping with Ruth I can raise my arm to the top of head once again. Thank you so much.

Nancy M

I woke up in the morning and could hardly walk. The pain in my back was an 8 out of 10. Four years earlier I had a lower back fusion with rods and screws. Ruth showed me the tapping and thought “this is crazy and will never work”. Within 10 minutes of tapping with Ruth the pain was gone. I had to bowl that day and always wear a pain patch but that day I did not need one. My back did not hurt the rest of the day.
Nancy Cox

Ruth not only is the best massage therapist I have ever gone to but her EFT skills are truly amazing. I don’t know how she does it. I go into my session full of pain and leave feeling great! She can tell you what hurts without even touching you. I highly suggest anyone wanting to try an alternative to medicine to make an appointment with Ruth Everett.
Amy Kinn

I attended one of Ruth’s workshops and had stubbed my big toe really bad two days before and thought It was broke. After several questions she had me tap on my stubborn boss and send her love, peace and forgiveness and within minutes the pain in my toe was gone and never returned. The crazy thing was that when I went to work the next day my boss was so pleasant and treated me nicer than she ever had before. I realized MY negative energy was the real problem. That was truly amazing. Thanks Ruth
Julie M

I had severe back pain on my left hip area and told Ruth I probably needed to go to the chiropractor. She did some tapping with me about a friend who was being a pain in the rear and her being on her own journey and I being on mine. It triggered thoughts in my head and the pain was instantly gone. Her passion for what she does shows in her success. She is truly amazing.
Cindy G

I have worn hearing aids for over 7 years and in the last 2 years developed glaucoma. When I
looked out of my right eye I saw cloudiness. After 15 minutes of tapping the cloudiness was
gone and I could also hear better without my hearing aids. This work is amazing.
Betty Miller

My 15 year old daughter had been suffering with left shoulder blade pain for about a week. After 2 non successful chiropractic visits I took her to see Ruth. Within 15 minutes of tapping the pain was gone. Ruth is amazing!!!

Jamie E

I had in twitching my left eye and headaches ever since an accident I had 3 months earlier when I
slid on ice on a bridge and banged my head really hard on the door. With just a few minutes the
twitching and headache was gone. The twitching never returned. Ruth you are amazing.
Thanks you so much.
Judy Amstutz

I have been trying to think how best I could express how grateful I am to you for all the help and techniques you taught me. It started with very painful knee and leg problem that made it impossible for me to bend my leg. I ended up n the hospital, then in therapy facility, then went to an outpatient therapy but even with the therapist help I was struggling to bend my leg and finding a way to deal with the pain.

You taught me tapping techniques and how to visualize, which I started using even during my therapy sessions. It not only helped me focus better on what I needed to do, but by relaxing it helped relieve the pain. The therapist soon learned to stop and give me time to do “MY THING” as he could also see the benefit of what I was doing. It took me almost 7 months to finally get my leg back in working order and I can’t tell you how grateful I am. The neat thing was that I learned the tapping and healing visualization over Skype. I now have tapping in my tool belt and it helped me get through open-heart surgery with flying colors. Thank you so very much for all your help in more ways than one.

Janet Winkler Giese:

After one session my legs quit jumping and hurting in the night. They had been doing this for years and now the pain is gone. Thanks so much. 

Lori Nelson

I’m a believer!! Went into to it with stiffness and pain. Just by tapping pain was gone and left feeling GREAT!! Check her out!!

Mike Hight

 I had went to the orthopedist 1 ½ years ago about my lower leg and ankle pain.  He put me in support boot and said if it did not help he would do surgery.  I did not want that so I just continued to wear the boot for 1 ½ years.  My ankle was swollen and painful but after learning the tapping combined with massage after just 4 sessions I am wearing regular shoes and am pain free.  I also had a problem with the inside of my right knee.  The pain would go down my leg like a razor blade cutting.  After just 2 sessions the pain was gone and it had hurt for almost  5 years.  I continue to use the tapping and will always be grateful for the freedom from pain you have given me.  I can’t thank you enough. 

Evelyn C

I am a 6’6” retired Michigan state law enforcement officer who has been shot twice so being in pain was not a big deal.  But after having knee surgery on the same knee for the second time in four years the pain became unbearable.   About ten days after surgery the pain was so excruciating I was in tears. The pain went from my knee all the way to my hip. Within 15 minutes of Ruth working with me the pain that was an 8 out of 10 was gone and I was up and walking. I even ask her if she was a witch because the pain vanished to fast. Whatever she did or said it worked.

I am forever grateful.

Ron Adkins